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The tournament supports the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund in partnership with U.S. SQUASH, which provides financial assistance to participants in urban squash programs as they elect to attend private secondary schools or college.  The urban squash programs around the United States provide substantial academic support for kids who also play squash. For many of these young men and women private secondary school or college is a significant next step that can only be possible with financial aid – especially now as many academic institutions are reducing financial aid programs. The NAO/GO Fund will make an important difference in the education of these young men and women as a result of the generous support of tournament patrons.

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2017-2018 – Report on the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund

After another successful Chilton North American Open Doubles and Greenwich Open Championships in January 2017, US Squash is pleased to provide an update on the important fund this tournament established.  The NAO/GO Scholarship Fund, founded in 2010, has made a substantial impact on the lives of young people from inner-city communities who participate in NUSEA programs.

The thoughtfulness that led to the founding of this fund is something we at US Squash are proud to help facilitate and be a part of.

Grants from the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund are meant to supplement and enhance the scholarship funding that urban squash program participants receive from the urban squash program, the beneficiary’s school and other sources. This financial assistance is provided as the students elect to attend private secondary schools or college. Specifically, the funding is intended to offset the tuition, room or board costs the student will incur, but has not received adequate funding from other grants or scholarships to cover.

Below is the distribution report for the NAO/GO Fund. The 2017 NAO/GO was an incredibly successful event netting a surplus of $30,942.

Distribution Summary:

NAO/GO FUND Distribution
   FY 10
   FY 11 $20,500
   FY 12 $20,500
   FY 13 $15,500
   FY 14 $15,500
   FY 15 $19,400
   FY 16 $25,885
   FY 17 $25,885
   FY 18 $25,885
 TOTALS $169,055

The NAO/GO Fund, which to date has awarded more than $143,170 in scholarships over the past seven years, make a life-changing difference in the education of these young men and women as a result of the generous support of tournament patrons. The fund has a current balance of $51,476. While I can certainly try to share the impact the fund has made, I think the 2017 recipients can say it best.

“This upcoming school year will be my fourth year at Friends Select School. Without the help of the US Squash Scholarship, attending FSS would most likely be a financial burden, impossible for my family to undertake. The education I’ve received from Friends Select School has given me stronger building blocks for my future. I am excited to start planning my next steps after FSS by applying to colleges this summer and next fall.” – Colesto Williams

“This scholarship means everything to my education. It has allowed me to be part of a great squash team. To continue to grow academically and as a person. It has given me the opportunity to study abroad in Trinidad and Tobago and make lifelong friendships. I am so grateful to the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund for believing in me and for investing in my education. I want to say thank you for the support. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the generosity of so many people who help Urban Squash kids pursure their dream of going to college. Thank you for changing my life.”

– Lonsangela Batista

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it’s not just about the money; this opportunity goes beyond that. This scholarship motivates me to do well in school. I see it as a way of US Squash telling me, “Here, now do something great!” This award pushes me to be a better student and person. Without this scholarship my dream of attending college would not be possible.” – Leslie Cotrina

 “NAO/GO Scholarships has been the bridge for my success. It has given me the opportunity to be myself and grow as a person. The scholarship is the support of my education it allows me to continue fighting for my dreams, it gives the opportunity to learn every day and to use my knowledge to make a change in the world. Thanks to this scholarship, I can proudly say I am the first person to attend college in my family. Thank You!” – Juan Lopera

“I would like to thank US Squash for granting me a scholarship for the third consecutive year in a row to help me attend Denison University! This school has taught me life lessons and continues to mold me into a better student. This year I was able to provide mentorship to first year students and I will be taking on new leadership roles. I am proud to say that I have been accepted into the Lambda Eta Pi Chapter of the National Communication Honorary Society and will stand as an elected officer. Additionally, I am the newly elected President of the Black Student Union. As a rising senior, my growth in college thus far would not be possible without your support. It has allowed me to achieve upward mobility throughout my college experience. Furthermore, because of your support I am able to give back to my Metrosquash community, this has always been a goal of mine. I delight in knowing that I am an example to other urban squash kids that will one day journey on this collegiate path. The financial aid from this scholarship has truly been a blessing to my college experience as this has played a huge factor in my life. Thank you for considering me for another year and supporting me while at Denison University!” – Khadijah Muhammad

The 2017-2018 grant recipients were:

Student’s Name NUSEA Program School Year in School
Losangela Batista SquashBusters St. Lawrence University Senior
Khadijah Muhammad METROsquash Denison University Senior
Leslie Cotrina Squash Haven Siena College Junior
Colesto Williams SquashSmarts Friends Select School Senior
Juan Lopera SquashBusters Clark University Junior

Clearly, the impact of the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund is tremendous and has changed the lives of deserving young people. US Squash is proud to provide this report and be a part of this program that has the ability to change the lives of NUSEA program participants.

Submitted by: Kevin D. Klipstein, President & CEO




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